Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Look for these signs you’ve found your dream home.

Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home


Everyone wants to live in their dream home. But sometimes, finding it is not that easy. Or, since the housing market is on fire, you might have too many options to choose from. Either way, you want to be sure before buying a home. After all, this is a big investment, and you don’t want to have any regrets. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to live there forever. In time, your tastes and needs might change. And when this happens, you can start looking for your next dream home. In any case, before buying, you should look for these signs you’ve found your dream home.


One of the first signs you’ve found your dream home is that it takes your breath away

Yes, you can fall in love at first sight with a home as you do with a person. It can happen the moment you see it online or in person. And it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; those butterflies in your stomach don’t lie. So, it might be the right one if you feel excited and happy after viewing a home. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should decide based only on your feelings. Because this is a significant investment, you must be rational about it.


It meets all your criteria

One of the most obvious signs you’ve found your dream home is that it meets all your criteria. Usually, before you begin your house hunt, you create a list of all the features your dream home would include. Now, you should know there’s no such thing as the perfect home. So, don’t expect to find one that checks all the boxes. But it’s possible to find a home that meets all of the important criteria. And apart from the amenities, here are two other important aspects you should consider.


You can afford it

You can dream all you want about living in a huge house on the beachfront, but you might not afford it. So, you should measure your expectations and carefully assess your finances. Don’t start looking for a home until you set a clear budget. Otherwise, you might be disappointed. Analyze your savings and research loan options. And don’t forget to take into account additional expenses, such as taxes, insurance, home repairs and updates, and closing costs. Once you know exactly what you can afford, you can start searching for your dream home within that price range.

Money, a calculator, and a notepad for analyzing your finances.
Before you start looking for your dream home, analyze your finances to determine what you can afford.

You love the location

Regarding real estate, there’s nothing more important than the location. It doesn’t matter if you find a home with the perfect layout and all the amenities you want if it’s in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, choosing the perfect neighborhood is key. Indeed, this depends on what you want. For example, you might be interested in a family-friendly area or want to be close to the social scene.

Furthermore, it would help if you think practically. For instance, you should ensure close access to transportation and grocery stores. And it’s also a good idea to check the crime rates in the area before buying a home.

A panoramic view of Las Vegas.
One of the best signs you’ve found your dream home is loving the location as much as the home.

It passes the home inspection report

Don’t let the excitement of finding your dream home cloud your judgment. Even if everything looks great, you should never skip the home inspection. Homes can have many hidden flaws. And things like structural issues can turn your dream home into a nightmare. Extensive repairs can end up bankrupting you. Therefore, it’s best to identify all the problems before buying. Plus, if the home passes the home inspection report with flying colors, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


You can already imagine yourself living there

If you start imagining how you’ll decorate the place the moment you set foot inside, that’s a clear sign you’ve found your dream home. This means you can already envision your future there. So, you only need to find some furniture movers in Las Vegas to transport everything, and then, you can start decorating. And don’t worry, pros can help with bulky pieces, so you just have to indicate the right spot.

Now, apart from the décor, another great sign is imagining yourself living there long-term. For example, you might think about starting a family there or growing old there. In which case, you’ll be wondering how to assign the rooms or repurpose them.

A couple and their daughter enjoying themselves at home.
Imagining yourself living there long-term and starting a family is a great sign you’ve found your dream home.

You find lots of reasons to buy it

A great sign you’ve found your dream home is constantly finding reasons to buy it. If you’ve already seen multiple homes, you’ll start making comparisons. And this is great because it helps you make the best decision possible. You can even write down the strengths and weaknesses of some of your top choices. Finally, you’ll notice that you keep coming back to that one home that seems to have all the strengths and only some minor weaknesses that you can easily overlook.


You don’t want to see other homes

You’ll know that you’ve found your dream home when you no longer want to see other homes. Once you find something that meets all your main criteria, there’s no point in looking any further. Moreover, you’ll probably think about it and talk about it all the time. So, don’t waste any more time and just place an offer.


Final thoughts

We all dream about where we want to live when we grow up or where we want to start a family. But finding that dream home can be pretty difficult. Firstly, there’s no such thing as a perfect home. Even if you build it yourself, you can easily overlook some things. Secondly, our needs and situations can change over time. So, your current vision of the perfect home might not match your future one. But even if you buy multiple homes in your lifetime, you should always look for the signs you’ve found your dream home. And don’t forget to listen to both your feelings and your reason.