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Frequently Asked Questions for Property Owners

Several factors can affect the time a property can take to get rented. However, most homes and condos rent in 30 days or less. Our dedicated team works hard to rent your property as fast as possible with the most qualified tenants and at the highest rent.


Our team reviews the latest market data which is used as a baseline to determine the best rental price.

All repairs are done with owner approval, unless due to an absolute emergency. We have licensed contractors who provide us estimates for the work needed to be done. Plus, they're available to execute the job once we receive your approval. 

In the unlikely event a tenant needs to be evicted, our team will handle this process for you as part of our service and at no additional charge.

We're well-versed in Nevada landlord and tenant laws. The eviction process is Nevada is fairly quick. They have until the 5th of the month to pay their rent. On the 7th of each month we deliver 5 Day Pay or Quit notices to all tenants who have not paid their rent. If rent is not received within the notice period, we then proceed with the eviction.