It Starts Somewhere

What brought you into real estate?

It could be the simple logic that everyone needs a place to sleep. For some number crunchers, it might be the continuous return on investment (ROI). And hey, some people simply get hooked in by the Home and Garden TV channel (HGTV). For many though, it’s in their blood.

Hello fellow investors, I’m Deanna Brady, the wife of Brady Realty Group owner David Brady. Few of you know me as I mostly stay behind the scenes raising our children. But I am most definitely involved. I joke that while David is the brains behind Brady Realty Group, I’m the heart. While he’s the braun, I’m the spirit. While he’s the logic, I’m the passion.

My passion for real estate is in my blood. That’s where it started. The other points listed above all come into play, but where we are today started with a passion.

I was born with it and the passion has been there for generations. I chose to share this today to honor the birthday of my late maternal grandmother, Laura Putnam Johnson. 

She was the mother of 8, 7 boys and 1 girl (my mom),and a natural in southern California real estate. Her introduction to real estate started when she took a job as an appraiser, while my grandfather was in a job transition. 

Soon after, her passion was sparked and she began her sprint to success in real estate. With sale after sale, my grandmother rose toward the top receiving the “Million Dollar Club”* award, after sales of over $1,000,000 in one year. $1,000,000 then compares to $5,000,000 in sales today. Such business success was uncommon for one person without a team, and definitely not common for a woman of that time (especially a mother of 8 children). She thrived in it because it was her passion. And she lived a healthy 96 years! It’s always a good sign when one’s method of income is also their hobby. 

So again I ask, what brought you into real estate? I’d be curious to know, if I happen to see you at your next visit with Brady Realty Group!  Meanwhile, keep enjoying the Las Vegas market and the good it does for you. No matter what got you started, we’re glad it has brought you to us. And thank-you for letting me take the time to recognize my treasured grandmother on her birthday. 


*One branch of the Million Dollar Club describes the club as the following: The Million Dollar Club originated in 

1961 to honor Real Estate Agents demonstrating the commitment and dedication to rise to the top of their profession. Members of the Million Dollar Club are licensed Real Estate Agents in the (state), but are also members of the National Association of RealtorsĀ®.

 Real Estate is more than just showing beautiful homes. Million Dollar Club members show their exceptional skills in listening, negotiating, organization, attention to details, understanding legal and financial issues, and construction and interior design, all routinely juggled under the stress of moving and change. Real Estate is typically a summary of life experiences: of education, previous careers transition, and dedication to truly serving people. It requires working days, nights, and especially weekends and is unique in that all the work is done, all the negotiations settled, all concerns met, and all the papers signed, long before the member is compensated. Commitment to service and success are the standards…..and it shows!