Simple Ways to Reward Good Tenants

Rewarding good tenants doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, the simple ways to reward good tenants make the biggest impact. These small acts of kindness can create a sense of belonging. Additionally, it will motivate them to continue being great tenants. From thank-you notes to perks, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s […]

Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a Tenant

Real estate can sometimes be tricky to navigate, especially if you are a landlord. This can be a great source of passive income, but different people with various backgrounds bring diverse outcomes. Sometimes, someone who seemed like a perfect tenant can turn out to be your worst nightmare. However, some telltale signs can give up […]

How Solar Panels Can Improve Your Las Vegas Rental Property

How Solar Panels Can Improve Your Las Vegas Rental Property It is only natural to waver whether you want to make any property investment. The cost always needs to be carefully compared to the benefits. The same, of course, applies to solar panel installation. Especially when considering what they can cost, let’s look at how […]

Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home

Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Home   Everyone wants to live in their dream home. But sometimes, finding it is not that easy. Or, since the housing market is on fire, you might have too many options to choose from. Either way, you want to be sure before buying a home. After all, this is […]

7 Summer Staging Tips for Your Las Vegas Home

When selling your Las Vegas home, spring and summer are typically the busiest times of the year. During that period, there’s usually a large number of buyers interested in making a move. However, this also implies that there is a large amount of additional inventory available on the market. If you plan to sell your […]

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Rental Property

There are several clever strategies to increase the value and marketability of your Las Vegas rental without it having to be expensive. The best part is that it makes no difference where a property is, how the local market is performing, or what the average rent is because even the stalest rental property can be […]

Buying in Las Vegas from out of state

Shopping for a home can be overwhelming and stressful, even if you are looking for a property just down the road. So, buying in Las Vegas from out of state is much more complicated. Besides having to rely on a team of experienced real estate professionals to help you find your dream home in Las […]

Buying and selling a house at the same time – should you do it?

Right from the start, we can tell you that buying and selling a house at the same time won’t be a walk through the park. At best, you’ll have to juggle for a bit until everything gets settled. People know it’ll be tricky, and they still get into it, so should you do it? Well, the […]

A Little History and Interesting Facts of the Growth of Las Vegas, Nevada

A Little History and Interesting Facts of the Growth of Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas started with humble beginnings in the late 1800s as a rest and watering stop for aminals and travelers from Utah to California and even to New Mexico. During the 19th Century, Mexican and Mormon settlers filtered in and out of […]

It Starts Somewhere

What brought you into real estate? It could be the simple logic that everyone needs a place to sleep. For some number crunchers, it might be the continuous return on investment (ROI). And hey, some people simply get hooked in by the Home and Garden TV channel (HGTV). For many though, it’s in their blood. […]